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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Cowichan

Senior Resident Worker

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Senior Resident Worker position is to gain specific skills, training for a PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2 position. Plan, implement, and overseas the day-to-day activities of the program. Participates in program development, policies and procedure development, program evaluation, and budget preparation. TYPICAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Check daily to ensure the health and wellbeing of the persons served, that their rooms are in good order, and the Key Worker duties are properly completed. • Check daily to ensure the cleanliness of the house and adequacy of stocks and supplies by performing a walk-through and taking any necessary corrective action. • Monitor and ensure the smooth operation of the home by checking Nucleus, reading communication notes, checking internal and critical incidents are properly reported on Nucleus and ensure all actions take and passed to the PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2, signing receipts, checking petty cash, checking house accounts and person served accounts, checking email and telephone messages and respond as necessary on a daily basis, and checking shift routines are properly completed. • Pay household bills in a timely manner, review monthly statements with individuals, complete expense reports with all receipts within regulated times restraints. Client reimbursements include all receipts are submitted monthly, and house money not used for Persons Served. • Incident/Critical Incident reporting, correcting, actioned, and communication with PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2 within regulation time restraints, (time sensitive) are recorded, action taken, and communicated to PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2. • Ensure Persons Served appointments are attended, documented, and that staff supporting them are skilled and informed to ensure successful outcomes, and facilitate between Physician, Assessment Team, ensure prescriptions are updated and follow through with Key Worker up to completion of new orders. • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the program by ensuring the necessary facilities and equipment are in place, program guidelines and policies are adhered to, and program standards and licensing requirements are met, and monitor key workers’ responsible outcomes. • Make recommendation to the PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2 regarding program development, policy and procedure formulation, team building, staff training, and program evaluation. • Conduct house orientations with new staff and act as medication mentor as needed. • Monitor work plans and review progress with staff, PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2 , knowledge of Community Living Collective Agreement, and timelines outlined in the Collective Agreement. • Complete and adjust timesheets in Com Vida to support scheduling and payroll. • Check vehicles and transportation logs to ensure safe and economical usage. • Attend meetings as required including Key Worker meetings, Staffed Living Team meetings and ensure follow-up is recorded and completed with the follow-up. • Communicate with families, external professionals including but not limited to CLBC, CCFL, HSCL, IMDT, and community contracts and support. • Assist PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2 in conducting monthly, semi-annual, and annual inspections. • Compile and summarize data and raft reports including monthly Board reports, CARF requirements, and annual management report, as required. • Take control in emergency situation, active effectively to ensure safety and assuming responsibility as necessary in the absence of normal reporting authority. • Require to cover the responsibilities of the PROGRAM COORDINATOR 2 during vacations and leaves. • Participate in the on-call duty manager rotation for the programs they are responsible for. • Any other duties within the competence of the post holder as reasonably assigned. • Will be assigned to a flexible schedule consisting of 8-hours per day, five days per week as per program needs. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: * Must have minimum of 2 COVID Vaccines • Detailed understand of CARF Standards • Building respectful relations with all staff and supervisors. • Model exemplary work practices for all CSW job functions. • Ability and willingness to learn web-based data entry software and provide support to staff. • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy. • Maintain confidentiality considering personal privacy legislation and sensitive information. • Problem solver and team player who is positive and works well with other. • Deal with colleagues, families and external professionals and contacts, in a mature, professional manner. • Knowledge of, and ability to follow, all applicable policies and procedures. • Knowledge of, and ability to adhere to, VITAL Society Policies and Procedures, all applicable legislative, contractual, and regulatory standards, including but not limited to CCFL regulations, and CLBC contractual requirements, and Community Living Collective Agreement.

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