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Poultry Cowichan
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I am looking for point of lay hens Hybrid red hen ,brown egg layers
Ad Id:40662641
Renewed:June 10, 2024
Silver Sebright Chicks thumbnail image
Silver Sebright chicks. Up to 8 weeks old. $15 each
Ad Id:40753899
Posted:June 8, 2024
Heritage Turkey Poults or Hatching Eggs thumbnail image
Black Turkey Poults. (Black Spanish) I have had 2 White ones hatch this year, not sure what the...
Lake Cowichan
Ad Id:40659696
Renewed:June 8, 2024
Chicks, Chicks, Chicks thumbnail image
$9, unsexed. 2 weeks old Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans and Ameraucanas $11, unsexed. 5 wee...
Ad Id:40709202
Renewed:June 8, 2024
Muscovy Ducklings thumbnail image
Hatched May 13th 2024. 10 ducklings currently available. Located in Chemainus just past Russel...
Ad Id:40752385
Posted:June 7, 2024
Hatching eggs thumbnail image
Chicken Town Hatchery & Hens is offering hatching eggs (fertilized eggs) for the following breeds...
Ad Id:40707341
Renewed:June 7, 2024
Brown layer pullets thumbnail image
Brown laying hens - 7 wks old - 13 wks old.... SOLD - 9 months old .... SOLD
Ad Id:40751112
Posted:June 6, 2024
Chicks thumbnail image
I have 10 unsexed barn yard mix chicks available. They are from my BCM, BCM x and Easter Egger gr...
Ad Id:40748823
Posted:June 5, 2024
Purebred Ameraucana chicks thumbnail image
Sweet little purebred Ameraucana chicks for sale. $10 each. These are from show quality parents. ...
Ad Id:40748317
Posted:June 5, 2024
Columbian rock chickens thumbnail image
I have 5 columbian rock chickens that I'm selling. Four roosters and a hen. $10 for each of the r...
Ad Id:40748117
Posted:June 5, 2024
18 Purebred Blue & Black Orpingtons thumbnail image
18 Purebred Orpingtons Blue & Black Heritage Breed Full Bodied Non Sexed Photo are a coupl...
Ad Id:40747188
Posted:June 4, 2024
Heritage chicks - barnyard mix thumbnail image
Heritage chicks hatched to order (3 week incubation period required). $10 / chick $20 deposit...
Ad Id:39979550
Renewed:June 2, 2024
Hatching eggs - Barnyard Heritage Mix thumbnail image
$20 / dozen barnyard eggs, fertilized and ready for incubation. Our friendly roos are Lavender M...
Ad Id:39501846
Renewed:June 2, 2024
Wanted: Cayuga duck thumbnail image
Looking for a female Cayuga duck to add to our flock.
Ad Id:40742786
Posted:June 1, 2024
Goslings - Adorable and Amazing thumbnail image
We have 10 lovely and adorable 1 week old goslings. They are hardy and energetic, following thei...
Mill Bay
Ad Id:40740783
Posted:May 31, 2024
FREE: bantam rooster @ 1yr old for a pet NOT FOOD thumbnail image
Too many roosters and not enough hens. If you want a great pet or to add to your flock of hens,....
Ad Id:40740708
Posted:May 31, 2024
Day old chicks...sexed and straight run (Vaccinated or not) thumbnail image
I have a bunch of chicks hatching. And have an order from a Hatchery coming in the week of May 2...
Ad Id:40693538
Renewed:May 29, 2024
Chick brooders thumbnail image
Brooders and grow off boxes for chicks, $220 each. They hold 125 day olds but we just put 50 chic...
Ad Id:40693265
Renewed:May 28, 2024
Ducklings now available thumbnail image
Holiday Hill Poultry, 551 Holiday Road, Fanny Bay. Ducklings now hatching including Welsh Harl...
Ad Id:40691069
Renewed:May 27, 2024
Black Copper Marans, Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers & more thumbnail image
Day old chicks Female Spotted Sussex and Female Bielefelder (great dual purpose birds) available...
Ad Id:40689809
Renewed:May 26, 2024
Chicks, Chicks and more Chicks thumbnail image
Femaie Speckled Sussex chicks, plus Black Copper Marans, Bielefelder, Easter Eggers, Ameraucanas,...
Ad Id:40734559
Posted:May 26, 2024
Hatching Eggs thumbnail image
I have eggs available from my three breeding groups. Each dozen would include BCM, BCM cross and ...
Ad Id:40733549
Posted:May 26, 2024
FARM HELPER and LINE WORKER thumbnail image
Mill Bay Farms has a part-time position for a mature-thinking Farm Helper and Production Plant wo...
Ad Id:40687723
Renewed:May 25, 2024
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3 Geese one known Gander 2 hens? Ebdom Trade for a Sebastopol Gander.....
Ad Id:40732004
Posted:May 25, 2024
Hatching Eggs Frizzled Buff Orpington thumbnail image
12 frizzled buff Orpington hatching eggs $50 6 for $25 Excellent fertility Unrelated Roosters...
Ad Id:40403172
Renewed:May 24, 2024
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