Poultry Cowichan
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Poultry Cowichan
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Hatching Eggs Frizzled Buff Orpington thumbnail image
12 frizzled buff Orpington hatching eggs $50 6 for $25 Excellent fertility Unrelated Roosters...
Lake Cowichan
Ad Id:40403172
Renewed:December 1, 2023
No image, showing placeholder.
Fresh birds ready Dec.20th raised on all natural feed,no chemicals or antibiotics.
Lake Cowichan
Ad Id:40455616
Renewed:November 29, 2023
Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens thumbnail image
I have Plymouth Barred Rock young chickens for sale. Currently 6+ weeks old and off heat Hens a...
Ad Id:40397221
Renewed:November 27, 2023
BIO SECURITY SIGNS (new) thumbnail image
BIO SECURITY SIGNS (new); alert visitors that you implement bio-security practices on your farm; ...
Ad Id:40451782
Posted:November 27, 2023
SEBASTOPOL GEESE thumbnail image
Bonded breeding pair of Sebastopol geese. Grey male, splash female. I have too many geese no...
Ad Id:40447297
Posted:November 24, 2023
No image, showing placeholder.
My older birds are mine and or rescues. I can't afford to keep them. I have a gorgeous 2-year-o...
Ad Id:40446237
Posted:November 23, 2023
No image, showing placeholder.
Barnyard mix - around 20 available. Asking for $10 each. 2 years old. Still laying lots.
Ad Id:40439259
Posted:November 19, 2023
FREE: Roosters thumbnail image
Lots of free roosters barnyard mixes (barred rock, white rock, Rhode Island reds) 8 to 18 wee...
Ad Id:40370298
Renewed:November 13, 2023
Mille Fleur Belgium D'uccles chicks (unsexed) thumbnail image
SOLD ~ Contact me if you have any questions for future hatches. Super sweet rare~ish little flo...
Ad Id:39754186
Renewed:November 12, 2023
No image, showing placeholder.
Brown-hylines, leghorns, columbian rocks, and red rocks hens available. They're just over a year ...
Ad Id:40423603
Posted:November 10, 2023
Chicks, Pullets, hens and point of lay thumbnail image
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094634689064&mibextid=LQQJ4d Check out our Facebook...
Ad Id:40129298
Renewed:November 10, 2023
No image, showing placeholder.
I am looking for one female Call Duck for a pet
Ad Id:40021841
Renewed:November 9, 2023
Poultry Flock reduction thumbnail image
Norfolk Black turkeys: Various ages, all this years hatchlings. Price per turkey depends on what ...
Ad Id:40418240
Posted:November 7, 2023
American Breese Chicks thumbnail image
Amazing dual purpose heritage birds! Known for their white plumage, red combs and blue eggs. De...
Ad Id:40409071
Posted:November 3, 2023
FREE: Purebred Orpington Roosters thumbnail image
2 free young purebred roosters Hatched in the summer 1 black and 1 blue available to good home ...
Ad Id:40406864
Posted:November 1, 2023
Pullets, Chicks, Hens, chickens thumbnail image
We will have sexed pullets available right Now! (Heritage X) Some off heat and some still curren...
Ad Id:40346193
Renewed:November 1, 2023
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