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All categories Cowichan
RienV (10)
Panasonic Lumix Leica 25mm 1.4 Prime AF Lens for M43 Mirrorless Cameras thumbnail image
Selling this excellent Lumix lens in beautiful condition. Works on all micro four-thirds cameras (Olympus, Lumix, Blackmagic and others). Its diminuti...
Ad Id:37216594
Posted:March 15, 2021
Canon 60D 18.1 MP DSLR with 18-55mm IS Lens - Good Condition thumbnail image
Used but good condition Canon D60 (the weather-protected, sturdier version of the T3i) with 18-55mm Image Stabilized lens, charger and neck strap and ...
Ad Id:39715421
Posted:September 18, 2022
Canon SL1 18MP DSLR with 18-55mm IS Lens and Accessories - Complete Kit thumbnail image
Selling a very nice Canon SL1, the smaller version of the T5i. It has a touch panel, so you can take pictures like you are used to with your phone, on...
Ad Id:35594289
Posted:March 27, 2020
Nikon AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 VR ED Ultra Zoom Lens - Excellent thumbnail image
Selling a beautiful Nikon 18-300mm lens, the newer, more compact and lighter version, with VR, which works amazingly well. You can really see the imag...
Ad Id:35217351
Posted:January 12, 2020
Canon 17-85mm EF-S 4-5.6 USM IS Lens - Excellent thumbnail image
Canon Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 is USM in excellent condition! With filter and lens caps. Also selling Canon 50D and other lenses that fit this ca...
Ad Id:35060365
Posted:December 7, 2019
Canon 70D 20.2 MP DSLR - In Good Condition thumbnail image
A used, but fully functional Canon 70D with shutter count 26,000. This is the sturdier, more capable, semi-professional DSLR for those who seek to upg...
Ad Id:36955080
Posted:December 24, 2020
Nikon 55-300mm AF-S VR Tele-Zoom Lens - Excellent thumbnail image
Go outside and find some wildlife to photograph or create some stunning portrait photography with this dedicated lens! Selling a very nice used Nik...
Ad Id:36874595
Posted:December 2, 2020
Canon T3i / 600D 18MP DSLR with 50mm 1.8 II EF Lens - Low Shutter Count thumbnail image
Excellent Canon T3i 18 megapixel DSLR with flip-out screen and a fast 50mm 1.8 portrait lens, complete with most accessories that were in the box: nec...
Ad Id:35594297
Posted:March 27, 2020
Canon XSi 12.2 MP DSLR with 18-55mm Lens - Excellent thumbnail image
Even a 10-year-old DSLR takes better photos than your phone. Take this Canon XSi, for example. Built to take good pictures easily - every button and c...
Ad Id:37460361
Posted:April 20, 2021
Complete Starter Sit DSLR Canon 18MP or Nikon 16MP Digital Camera w IS Lens. thumbnail image
A complete DSLR kit for beginner and intermediate photographers! Not the cumbersome heavy old beast your uncle or grandpa may be offering you, but a r...
Ad Id:39858444
Posted:December 15, 2022
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Rien Vesseur
Buying and selling good used camera gear