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NEED Duncan Odeon Info

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In 1978 my friend and I were at the old Duncan Odeon Theater on Station Street for his birthday to see "The Swarm" - part of the ceiling including a beam collapsed into the crowd during the movie. While the movie played I remember speckles of vermiculite insulation falling through the projection like snow - I had no idea what it was at the time but it was landing on us so we moved to the front of the theater. my friend Kenny went to the snack shop and while he was gone a beam broke free from the ceiling and a lot of debris crashed into the seats behind us and all this dust was illuminated by the the projection. It turned out that Kenny was struck by the debris and it scraped his shin and ripped the jacket he just got for his birthday! Freaky. The rest is a bit vague - I just recall Kenny using the phone to call his Mom to pick us up while a crowd was outside the theater milling around waiting for their rides to come. Who knows what other stories there are about this event!? That's why I'm writing this - to see who else knows about it. I thought for sure this would have been in the local paper archives so I did some research and found the old newspaper ad from the days before for the movie - "the Swarm is coming!" the ad says - then the next paper says "projectionist strike - theater closed" huh? Where's the news about the ceiling collapsing on the crowd!? THEN I find out that the theater owner and the newspaper owner were pals - I know that sounds a bit conspiracy but it is suspiciously interesting if it's true. So, anyone recall this event? I see Kenny's Mom sometimes and I asked her about it and she said "they didn't even give our money back" lol. Anyhow, let me know what you know if you know anything or anyone who knows. Cheers!

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